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Madeleine Morgan Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor, Cambridge UKManagers and leaders face many unique challenges, whether you’re stepping into the role for the first time or you are already have years of experience. Coaching and training can help you meet those challenges.

As a manager and leader are you wondering how to…

  • Handle the responsibility that comes with your leadership position?
  • Deal with all the conflicting emotions you and your team feel
  • Balance the needs of your career and your personal life?
  • Motivate your staff or employees to give their best?

There’s never been any easy way of answering these questions…

But, I want to change that…

You can be coached to be a more effective, inspiring leader

I’m Madeleine Morgan and I’ve spent more than fifteen years coaching and training leaders and managers in Cambridge to achieve their personal and professional goals. During that time, I realised that despite all the training and coaching resources available there are still gaps.

That’s why I created Success for Managers – a range of coaching and training programmes designed specifically to meet the needs of modern business owners, managers and executives. Through working with me you’ll learn how to…

  • Create an amazing business growth team
  • Take your own career to the next level
  • Achieve your perfect work/life balance
  • Effortlessly handle conflict and create win-wins
  • Be the leader you dream of being

And that’s just getting started! These are the skills that separate truly great managers and leaders from struggling ones and can be learnt about absolutely anybody.

It may sound impossible, but I’ve seen it work over and over again..

“I consider myself to be a successful, focussed person and resourceful person. I still found I need coaching to achieve my goals. The coaching has helped me to work more efficiently with other colleagues, manage my time better, deal with difficult situations confidently, understand others better and deal with stress. The weekly sessions have helped me to achieve my potential. I would have no hesitation in recommending Madeleine’s services.”

Rebecca Wooderson, Business Owner, Leading Edge

In fact, I’d be delighted to show, for free.

Just contact SUCCESS FOR MANAGERS today to arrange your FREE Discovery Session, where we’ll identify where you or your team are right now and what you need to be doing to get to where you want to be.

I look forward to meeting you and empowering you to fulfil your potential as a leader!

Best wishes,

Madeleine Morgan
Master Coach and Leadership Mentor

Success for Managers